Samlet's Fantrolls

Some art of Iasone in an AU where he’s a Chinese dragon.


Just Dracis and Jason having some sex in the shower. :U

EDIT: now with a 100% zoom


you want a man with a strong jawline so you have a sturdy place to sit

Mako, for a Shingeki AU.  He’s been nicknamed the ‘Weeping Titan’ because he uses a vocal ability [screaming, really] that sounds like someone wailing, to disorient humans and other titans.  He has great hearing and sense of smell to help make up for his lack of eyes.  He’s a 14meter titan.

Some sketches for a Bleach AU of Ophion, Gramal and Jeriko.  All Arrancar obviously.

(Source: illuciac)


I have this one RP setting that’s modeled off of like- ancient china, and there are kingdoms of animal people appropriate to each of the directional gods. The kingdom for Suzaku/the Red Phoenix is heavily Japanese-inspired, the kingdom for Hyeon-mu[Genbu]/the Black Tortoise is very Korean-inspired and plays host to snake and reptile people, the kingdom for Quinglong[Seiryu]/the Azure Dragon is Chinese-inspired and populated with dragon people, and the kingdom of Baihu[Byakko]/the White Tiger is also chinese, and for mammals of various types. Then there’s Japan off the coast, populated with Kitsune.

Let me have my weebies, plz. And apologies for the fact that I doodled these at work without ANY sort of proper clothing references for any of these countries and just gave up on them.

ANYWAY, Fantroll characters put into this setting as an AU, and drawn as kids.

fat koi huo fen baby is still my fave


Continuing a brave tradition of attractive fantrolls showing off their creatively designed junk! Ophion belongs to Sam, and he is glorious and cute, and Gramal is incredibly lucky to have him for a matesprit! A tiny, cute matesprit. ♥

Consider this a CONGRATS ON THE MOVE present, Sam!


Ophion’s definitely a bottom but I dreamed up a weird scenario where he might wanna switch things up.  And the second image sort of just….happened.

Stole this idea from Zeda’s photoset.  These were the only three guys that really looked like themselves.